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Evolve Space Saving Adjustable Dumbbell


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You no longer have to dedicate an entire room to your fitness goals!

Looking to get a good strength workout at home, but don't like to clutter your space with multiple dumbbells?

This Space-saving Weight-Adjustable Dumbbell is an ideal solution. It features 10 sets of weight all combined into one using an automatic dial system that enables you to increase your strength without bulking up.


By easily turning the dial, this versatile equipment allows you to automatically vary the resistance on the dumbbell in 2.5 pounds increments, all the way up to 52.5 pounds.

This range of weight options all-in-one eliminates the need for housing several individual weights that take up the space of an entire rack in your local gym.


The Weight-Adjustable Dumbbell is currently one of the most flexible space-efficient and flexible strength-training options available.It is:


  • Sweat-resistant & Durable:Very durable and does not disappoint like most other adjustable-dumbbells manufactured pre-2010. Made of high-precision silicon steel sheet, this dumbbell is fluid resistance and does not corrode easily. 


  • Comfortable and Easy to Use: With a bar-width of 1.5”, the space-saving adjustable dumbbell is wider in the center than most dumbbells and also features a rubber grip. This makes it very easy to grip, as well as very comfortable. You don’t necessarily need a glove to use. The dial system is intuitive and easy to use.


  • Flexible and has Good Space-saving Value:Compared to the 1090s, this dumbbell is flexible and can fit into any corner or placed on a small platform. Its compactness makes it easier to use and also perfect for the ladies. It eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells that clutter workout spaces.


  • Versatile:Very essential for a lot of fitness programs. It can be used for bicep curls, power walking, jogging, and even yoga. 


The Weight-adjustable Dumbbell will be of great value to you if you hate clutter and lack the space or money to get a wider range of individual dumbbells.


You no longer have to pick up 30 different dumbbells to get the results you want. All you need is this dumbbell as they are perfect for 73% of all exercises you'll ever do.



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